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More than 3,600 St. Patrick Center volunteers donate nearly 36,000 hours each year. The first step to volunteering is to fill out our volunteer interest form.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities include meal service, sorting donations, working fundraising events, performing administrative duties, making casseroles and salads, and more.

Volunteer Boards

Support St. Patrick Center by participating in one of volunteer boards: the Board of Ambassadors and the Young Friends Board for supporters under 40.

Please note: St. Patrick Center is not licensed to book court mandated hours at this time. For on site volunteering, we require volunteers to be at least 14 years of age with a chaperone, and at least 16 to volunteer alone. 

Questions? Contact Sarah Webb, Volunteer Coordinator at 314-802-0681 or 

Please take a moment to review our COVID-19 response guidelines, policies and procedures:

                  • • Feeling Ill: STAY HOME/GO HOME; contact your healthcare provider.
                    • • Facial Coverings: Masks are required at all times.
                        • • Wellness Screenings: Complete a wellness sign-in (consenting to no symptoms experienced and no virus exposure).
                          • • Social Distancing: Stay at least six feet away from everyone at all times.
                            • • Personal Hygiene: Take frequent breaks to wash your hands.
                              • • Cleaning: We disinfect high-touch areas such as bathrooms, doorknobs and common spaces frequently.
                                • • PPE: Personal Protective Equipment is available as needed and disinfectant, hand sanitizer, etc. are available at various locations throughout each building.

Your donated items, such as food and clothing, help our clients meet their basic needs and focus on transforming their lives. Learn about accepted and needed items here.