Transforming Lives

St. Patrick Center transforms lives through sustainable housing, employment and healthcare,
following the compassion of Jesus.

Help keep a family safe at home.

Thank you for making the 37th annual St Patrick Center Irish Open Gala & Golf Tournament, presented by Triad Financial Group, one of the most successful fundraisers in our history. You raised more than $730,000 for St. Patrick Center’s mission of transforming lives. More families and individuals will receive permanent housing, workforce training and health services they need.

St. Patrick Center Transforms Lives


“In order to get, you have to give. Give where it’s appreciated, and it’s appreciated at St. Patrick Center.” — Chasity

Chasity shares her story of overcoming pride in order to find stability.



St. Patrick Center is building permanent, positive change one life at a time. Each client is important; each donor is valued, each dollar is vital to our ability to help people change their lives.


Nearly 3,680 St. Patrick Center volunteers donate 35,487 hours each year, sorting donations, working fundraising events, serving lunch, making casseroles and more.


We have a variety of events throughout the year, from fundraisers to client events, community support and young friends.

Housing First

The first thing you may think about when it comes to assisting people experiencing homelessness is housing, but we have learned that it is actually more than housing.

In addition to providing our clients with permanent housing, St. Patrick Center provides valuable wrap-around support services such as job and skills training, employment placement and behavioral health programs. We also partner with other St. Louis area service providers to connect people to more community resources.

Read more about how we solve homelessness through Housing First.