Housing First

Working collaboratively with individuals, businesses, government and other service providers,
St. Patrick Center will end homelessness for individuals and families in the St. Louis region.

People experiencing homeless are our neighbors and deserve respect, care and concern.
A collective, compassionate response to homelessness improves lives. By helping people improve their lives through housing placements and wrap-around support, we also enhance the neighborhoods where we live and work. (Visit our About Panhandling page for additional information.)

How will we do this? Through Housing First, an evidence-based practice that ends homelessness through a combination of permanent housing and wrap-around support services.

Housing First works. It has been adopted regionally and St. Patrick Center is a Housing First model. Click here to watch client success stories on our YouTube channel.

St. Patrick Center is the lead agency for Coordinated Entry, a multi-agency effort under Housing First. Intake specialists conduct discovery sessions with clients, which allow us to help them secure housing and provide the correct level of support services before, during and after they are housed.

It Begins with a Discovery Session

People who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless may come for a private discovery session with an intake specialist Monday-Friday at our Welcome Center at 800 North Tucker Blvd. No appointment is necessary and the most strategic times to arrive Monday through Friday are 8am and 1pm. The Welcome Center is closed for lunch from noon-1pm.

Want to advocate for our clients? Sign up for our advocacy e-list.

Support Services

Housing First does not mean housing only. St. Patrick Center provides a comprehensive approach, offering support services that we do well and referring clients to other agencies for their areas of expertise.

Support services are necessary for Housing First to succeed. They help people get stable, set and achieve goals, and lead productive lives.

Support services include job and skills training, employment placement and behavioral health programs.


St. Patrick Center offers employment programs aimed at getting people back on their feet through job readiness training, advanced skills and placement into full-time and part-time jobs.


St. Patrick Center offers health programs for people experiencing behavioral health issues, such as mental illness and substance abuse. Through partnerships, we also connect people to primary healthcare through Affinia Healthcare and meditation groups through Anthropedia Foundation.


St. Patrick Center offers several programs and support services for veterans who served our country then found themselves homeless or at risk.