We will get through this

Anthony 300-236

When St. Patrick preached in Ireland 1600 years ago, people craved answers to the uncertainty and fear embedded in daily life. Today, as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, a similar uncertainty has gripped our world. Our everyday routines and annual traditions have ground to a halt. Instead of celebrating with friends and family on March 17, we are self-quarantining and feeling isolated in our homes.

While this pandemic is having a massive impact on our finances, social systems and interactions, the impact on people experiencing homelessness is far greater. Access to adequate housing, healthcare and other essential services has dwindled in a system overwhelmed by this changing pandemic. At a time when vulnerable populations need our help the most, we are instructed to distance ourselves and become more inclined to hoard resources.

Fortunately, St. Patrick Center is here to bridge the gap. We have been preparing for this potentiality over the past several weeks. As the agency’s new CEO, I am in awe of how quickly the staff has enacted all CDC recommendations for the safety of our clients and each other. In concert with volunteers and community leaders, St. Patrick Center is serving hundreds of clients daily and we need your help to continue this effort.

As you are quarantined at home wondering how to spend your time, please visit our website (and see below for links) to discover how you can help during this crisis. Whether you donate online or deliver grocery wish list items for our population,  your support will create some certainty and normalcy for people who need it most. By helping each other, we will find the strength to assuage our fears and overcome this communal challenge.

We will get through this together, calming our fears and overcoming these challenges. St. Patrick has helped thousands of people over the years to change their lives for the better. On behalf of everyone at St. Patrick Center, I thank you for your past and continued support.


Anthony D’Agostino

Donate now

We are only accepting food donations now. Donate items on our grocery wish list and thank you to our many casserole teams for their casserole donations!

All onsite volunteer assignments are cancelled. Read more.