Volunteer Spotlight

The Women Behind Our Clothing Room

St. Patrick Center receives clothing donations nearly every day of the year and our volunteers are crucial in making sure we’re able to get those donations to our clients. For the past nine years, we have had a dedicated group of weekly clothing sorter volunteers. Right now, that team consists of Beth Wendling, Maureen Jennings, Cissy Bahn, Lynn Trout and Christy Lynch (pictured above, left to right. Not pictured is Melissa Kriegshauser). Collectively, these incredible volunteers have given 6,114 hours since 2012. Each Thursday, their team opens bag after bag of clothing donations to attentively sort them for our clients.

Providing dignity in care for our clients is a top priority, and they take that to heart. They make sure the clothes are clean, without holes or stains and seasonally appropriate. Their team goes above and beyond by leading other volunteer groups in sorting and stocking projects. The work they do literally puts clothes on our clients’ backs and shoes on their feet. Their dedication, compassion and hard work does not go unnoticed, and we are grateful for the time they share with us.

As seen in the May 2021 Chronicles.

Published May 10, 2021