Visitation Academy raises $20,000

Viz Hosts Virtual Fundraiser to benefit St. Patrick Center

Bridget Stebelman

The Visitation Academy community rallied together “virtually” to raise resources for St. Patrick Center during the pandemic, with astounding results! Students and their families, faculty, staff and alums raised more than $20,000 during the #VizVirtualDayofService on April 22, 2020 to help people experiencing homelessness. Visitation also reports that more than 25% of the money donated was given in honor of the Class of 2020.

Three of St. Patrick Center founder Edith Cunnane’s granddaughters–Victoria Cunnane, Class of 2020; Bridget Stebelman, Class of 2021; and Caitlin Stebelman, Class of 2017–participated in the fundraiser. Here, Bridget Stebelman thanks the Visitation family for making it such a special day for people in our community with the most need.

Thank you, Visitation Academy community, for your tremendous, selfless efforts for St. Patrick Center’s mission!

Published April 28, 2020