Victoria H. 6-18 022 EDIT & CROP(2)“I’m so happy! I thank God and
St. Patrick Center that I’m on the right path again.”

After the devastating loss of her mother, Victoria’s life turned upside down. “She was my backbone, and when she died, I gave up on life all together.” Overwhelmed with grief and depression, the mother of three got addicted to drugs, lost her job and became homeless.

Victoria remembers begging God every day for the strength to go on. “I didn’t know where to go or what to do. I didn’t feel safe living on the streets, especially as a woman.” When a friend of hers told her about St. Patrick Center, she knew she had to give it a chance.

Victoria enrolled in our Shamrock Club Day Treatment Program, and after learning about our Women’s Night Program, immediately got involved in that. “I took meditation and anger management classes, and went to AA meetings to get my life back in order.”

Victoria also joined our Rapid Rehousing program and worked with case managers to find a location that was best for her future. Before long, she moved into a home of her own. “I cried when I first heard they found me housing. I hadn’t had my own place in five years, so it meant everything to me.”

Victoria says her life now is ‘night and day’ from when she first arrived at St. Patrick Center. She’s living independently, rebuilding relationships with her children and their families, attending church and has a great relationship with God. “If you’re out there struggling, come to St. Patrick Center. They’ll listen and take care of you. I’m living proof.”