Toni Jordan 3-20 CROP 6807

“I feel amazing. I’m grounded in my recovery and so proud to be a voice for St. Patrick Center clients by serving as a board member.”

Toni will always remember St. Patrick Center as a stepping stone to her new life. She came to us in 2008 as she transitioned out of prison. Toni had struggled with drug addiction and shoplifting to support her habit. We helped her get a job as a sewing operator. “I was so happy to be doing something different with my hands than stealing.”

Years later, Toni is living a beautiful, busy life with some big accomplishments. She harnessed her past experiences into peer support work and is now coordinator of Criminal Justice Ministry’s Let’s Start program for women coming out of incarceration. “I have literally helped women I used to do drugs with or served time with, and they have learned from me.”

Toni and her husband have worked very hard to find the best home for their family, including kids and grandkids. A few years ago, they began a rent-to-own program on a rehabbed house in North St. Louis City. “By the end of this year, we will be homeowners!”

To stay grounded in her recovery, Toni has a strong faith and also relies on regular therapy. “God is with me at all times and my therapist helps me gain a clearer picture of myself as I work through my past.”

We salute Toni for transforming her life into one of service to others. We are honored to have her serve on our Board of Directors and congratulate her on her new Women of Achievement Award!

Published March 16, 2020