“When I was in crisis, St. Patrick Center was my safety net.”

Todd grew up in an upper-middle class family, never wanting for anything. “I was spoiled and that was a tragedy.” When drugs came into his life, everything fell apart. Todd ended up in the penitentiary and then on the street—sitting in the cold, without enough money to buy a cup of coffee. “I got humbled—a blessing everyone needs to experience.”

Arriving at St. Patrick Center’s Shamrock Club with no shoes on his feet, Todd decided his situation was nobody’s fault but his own and it was up to him to change it. He found God and learned that pride was standing in his way. “I thought things were beneath me, then I realized it isn’t about me… it’s about God.”

Todd’s faith has remained strong. “I say the rosary and read a proverb every day; I listen to the Bible on my phone and attend different masses around the city.” He now utilizes the time and energy he used to give to his addictions at work or in the gym. Working 60-100 hours a week, Todd supervises a cleaning crew at Busch Stadium and in the off-season, works a barge line on the Mississippi River.

Today, Todd is confident he is on the right path, as long as he puts God first. “God had to take me the long way around.” He has an apartment, a job and a car. His future goals include quitting smoking and earning his pilot’s license.