He Planted Roots After Years of Wandering

“St. Patrick Center won’t do it all for you, but they’ll guide you to what you want to do, and you’ll flourish from there.”

Kevin Boulds 1-19 (1) CROP

Philadelphia born and New Jersey raised, Kevin says he had a great childhood, but college didn’t feel right after high school, so he went to work. “I had a good personality and enjoyed helping people, so I always had a job in customer service.”

Kevin’s life started to unravel as an adult. “I moved around a lot and did many interesting things but had no roots.” He achieved a Bachelors’ degree in Healthcare Management. As a college work study program was coming to an end in Colorado, so was his money. Kevin looked up cities to move to and discovered St. Louis and Biddle Housing Opportunities Center, then operated by St. Patrick Center.

“I arrived with my stuff in a U-Haul and was assigned to bed #38.” Over the next year, case managers helped Kevin find work, straighten out his debt and social security benefits, and secure housing. He also took advantage of Shamrock Club classes in meditation and anger management. “If you’re serious about getting back on your feet, St. Patrick Center can help.”

Kevin has been working part time for more than a year at a customer service job he really likes. He loves his apartment at St. Louis Stamping Lofts. “I would not be where I am today without the help of St. Patrick Center.” Kevin hopes to own a ranch home with a patio someday, where he can have a small dog and entertain friends.