“St. Patrick Center will help you, if you help yourself.”

Sterling ended up on the streets because he was “acting like a complete fool.” When his mom passed away, he turned to drugs and bad behavior as ways to deal with his grief. “Before I knew it, I lost my job, got behind on rent and became homeless.”

Sterling came to St. Patrick Center just to take a shower and get something to eat, even though he knew he needed to deal with his addictions. He did well for about a year but then relapsed. “During a health scare at another shelter, I told the Lord I was done with my addictions—and immediately felt better.” Sterling returned to St. Patrick Center and started improving his life.

Since then, Sterling has moved into an apartment, completed job readiness training, our Building
Employment Skills for Tomorrow (BEST) program, our Sherwin-Williams painters’ training program and our City of St. Louis gardening program. He also attends recovery support group meetings to maintain his sobriety.

“St. Patrick Center is a one-stop shop with job training, food, classes, healthcare and connections to resources.” Sterling says the team always encourages him and lets him know he’s not alone in his struggles. Today, he works with a maintenance company and his next goal is to get a car.