St. Patrick Center Board of Directors

Fiscal Year 2021

Bob Olwig, President
Sylvia Scheuler, Vice President
Tim O’Shaughnessy, Treasurer
Joe Robinson, Secretary


Carol Beckel
Wilma Calvert
Mike Doyle
Mark Fronmuller
Tim Hasara
Tim Huffman
Toni Jordan
Rusty Keeley
John McNearney
Joe Mooney
Michael Picker, Jr.
Deborah Quinn
Michael Ransom
Michelle Roosa
Theresa Ruzicka
James Smylie III
Cori Cunnane Stebelman
Chris Stephen
John (JT) Timmerman
Jimmy Williams, Jr.
Justin Woodard

Founder & Director Emeritus

Edith Cunnane

Executive Director, 1993-2001

Leo Paradis
We’re excited to welcome Tim Huffman, Associate Professor at Saint Louis University, Michelle Roosa, Senior Director of Corporate Human Resources at Alter Trading Company and John (JT) Timmerman, Vice-President of Operations at Mercy Hospital St. Louis to our Board of Directors.
We would also like to offer well wishes to departing directors Joe Castellano, Jim Cunnane, Jr., Bryan Graiff, Dennis Jenkerson and Craig Unruh. Many thanks for their leadership to St. Patrick Center’s board, agency and mission.