An Unpaved Road to Peace

Shelby 4200 CROP 8-19

“St. Patrick Center is wonderful. If you are experiencing homelessness, take advantage of all of their programs and services to find stability and peace.” 

Peace did not come on a paved road for Shelby. He grew up in a traumatic household filled with alcoholism and abuse, and was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder as a child. “I was an alcoholic by the time I was a senior in high school.” Shelby entered the Marine Corps after school, thinking it would provide stability and peace, but it led to more hard times.

In his twenties, Shelby became spiritually ignited when he worked with someone who had a relationship with Christ. He got sober, went to school for two degrees and successfully worked in management in the health and wellness industry. “But the demons of alcoholism and mental illness caught up with me so badly that I eventually lost my job, my possessions and my home.”

Shelby checked himself into the hospital, where he was put in touch with a St. Patrick Center case manager and introduced to our Project HERO program for veterans. He also started working with one of our mental health counselors to learn coping skills and prioritizing. “Through these meetings, I learned that I needed a platform to make the world a better place, earn my keep and give back.”

Shelby decided he wanted to be a peer support specialist and St. Patrick Center paid for him to take a course. “Now I can help others through their traumas, addictions and mental illnesses.”