September Good News Bulletin

Good News for September 2020

— A Project Protect client who previously “hid” her money for years rather than banking it decided to open a checking account and pay her rent by check.

— From a St. Alban Roe parishioner: “I would like to express my gratitude for the exceptional work you have been doing to help people in need. Especially during this pandemic… you make a sacrifice every day by coming to work and your work is valued.”

— Thanks to April McLaughlin from her team at Rosati Place, for going above and beyond to care for staff members and let them know they are important in the work they do for the Rosati clients.

— Through a collaboration of St. Patrick Center, Catholic Charities of St. Louis, a parish ambassador and Sisters’ Mission, a woman found sleeping after business hours on the lawn at Cathedral Basilica was taken to safety at our emergency shelter. She joined our Women’s Night Program and hopes to return to family in Louisiana in the future.

— From a donor/volunteer: “St. Patrick Center really goes out on the front lines and helps people who truly need the help.”

— Congrats to Chris Briggs, Reshay Cline, Rique Collins and Monica White, Permanent Supportive Housing employees of the month.

Thanks to Jonathan Belcher, Dawn Bess, Amanda Laumeyer, Andria Silver, Herice Vereen and Rebecka Wyrde for sharing the good news!

Published August 31, 2020