“You need to trust. You can’t get yourself together without a foundation. Come inside because it’s not safe outside.”

Robyn was homeless her entire adult life. She left St. Louis for Los Angeles, where she got caught up in the drug scene. “My life consisted of looking for drugs, getting high and going to jail.” Robyn knew she had to get out of LA, so with the permission of a judge, she lived with her sister in Dallas. Unfortunately, the same patterns emerged and Robyn knew St. Louis was the only place she would have the motivation to stay sober.

That motivation turned out to be Robyn’s grandmother—who was like a mother to her—on her deathbed. “I didn’t want my grandmother to see me on crack, being a prostitute and doing anything to get high.” When Robyn came to St. Patrick Center, she joined our Women’s Night Program. “Having a place to stay and support system made all the difference. I was able to turn my life around and be with my grandmother and my children.”

The power of prayer helps Robyn, too. “God has always been in my life, protecting me when I wasn’t protecting myself.” She used to pray for protection on her way to get drugs but now she prays every day to be a ray of sunshine and asset to humanity. For Robyn, a positive, kind attitude is now second nature, “I’m seeing things in my future that I didn’t see before sitting on the streets. I can be a great grandmother, person, neighbor and friend.”

Today, Robyn is proud of her home where she lives with her cat and can be there for her children and grandchildren. “I know what homeless looks like and don’t want to go back. I’m valued by my family and they trust me, which gives me so much enrichment.”

Published September 25, 2020