Restoration Has Begun

Serving People in Phase 1

Alexis Simpson

St. Patrick Center is currently in Phase 1 of our Coronavirus Restoration Plan. “Phase 1 didn’t change most of our enhanced COVID-19 operations. It simply eased some restrictions to safely allow more people in our buildings,” said CEO Anthony D’Agostino.

Phase 1 began on June 1, 2020 and will run for at least three months. We enhanced our wellness screenings to include a sign-in sheet consenting to no symptoms experienced and no virus exposure. We’re serving hot casserole meals “to go” outside on weekdays. We’re bringing in more staff to accommodate the increased need in our Welcome Center and programs. We’re allowing some volunteers to return to assist with our operations. Phase 2 may begin on September 1.

Throughout the pandemic, St. Patrick Center has stayed open and provided a safe, clean environment for clients and staff at multiple locations – our Tucker building, Rosati Place, Freedom Place, St. Louis Stamping Lofts and veteran support in nine counties.

“COVID-19 is having a more significant impact on our clients and it’s ravaging our communities of color,” said D’Agostino. “We will continue to fight for marginalized individuals who do not have adequate access to housing, healthcare and essential services. We expect an increase in people coming in for help, now that the eviction moratorium has expired.”

As seen in the August 2020 Chronicles

Published August 4, 2020