Restoration and Transformation

Serving People in a Pandemic

What a year this has been! 2020 turned out to be a year of pandemic worries … for all of us.

For St. Patrick Center clients, these fears are magnified – how to pay rent, find a job, buy groceries, care for children and more. Our programs and services are in high demand. Most days, we find ourselves in a mad dash to help people transform their lives – and survive challenges presented by the pandemic – while restoring our agency to normalized operations as safety guidelines allow.

St. Patrick Center completed Phase 1 of our Restoration Plan on September 30 and began Phase 2 on October 1, which is expected to run through the end of this year.

Phase 2 includes three primary alterations to our operations: bringing more staff back to the office to accommodate the increase in need in our Welcome Center and other programs; holding some in-person meetings, following all safety guidelines; and bringing in more volunteers and visitors to assist us with our daily operations.

Throughout the pandemic, we have stayed open and continue to provide a safe, clean environment for clients and staff at multiple locations, including our Tucker building as well as Rosati Place, Freedom Place, St. Louis Stamping Lofts and veteran support in nine counties.

It’s been a tough year. We hope you are staying safe and healthy. As you are able, please help us prevent the homelessness that has been exacerbated by COVID-19. Your year-end gift will keep veterans, families and individuals safe at home – home for the holidays.

As seen in the November 2020 Chronicles.

Published November 12, 2020