Rapid Rehousing – What is it?

One of the core areas of St. Patrick Center’s Housing First organizational structure is Rapid Rehousing. What does that mean?

“Rapid Rehousing is an intervention that rapidly connects individuals and families to permanent housing,” said Lana Watson, senior director of Rapid Rehousing. A critical part of our region’s efforts to end chronic homelessness, Rapid Rehousing includes targeted support services, such as case management, housing identification, rent and move-in assistance, and behavioral health services.

“About 55% of our clients fall into the Rapid Rehousing category. The primary goals are to move them into housing within 30 days and provide support services to keep them housed. On average, they become stable and exit case management within one year,” Watson added.

St. Patrick Center’s Rapid Rehousing team consists of five programs: a veteran program from the U.S. Department of Labor; a veteran program from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs; a St. Louis City Rapid Rehousing program; a St. Louis County Rapid Rehousing program; and a workforce development program that acts like a temporary employment agency, providing needed job opportunities.

“Our team structure allows more collaboration and communication internally,” Watson said. “This makes us better at meeting clients’ needs and sustaining them in housing longer.”

Is Rapid Rehousing successful? Nationally, it has an 82-85% success rate of people staying housed up to one year after placement. St. Patrick Center Rapid Rehousing programs hover at or above the national rate, according to Watson.

How could you assist our Rapid Rehousing team? We need move-in kits, mentors and people who can help veterans reintegrate into society. To get involved, visit stpatrickcenter.org or call 314-802-0700.