As a nonprofit providing homeless services in the St. Louis region since 1983, St. Patrick Center has always fought for marginalized individuals—our neighbors without necessary resources,
opportunities or influence.

Unfortunately, African Americans and communities of color are disproportionately marginalized in our nation, leading to inequity and mistreatment. We are saddened and angered by the brutality and killings of our black neighbors as the pandemic ravages our communities of color. We send our condolences to all families and communities that are impacted.

Even in our highly polarized times, we all must agree on a fundamental principle: the color of our skin should NEVER determine how we are treated. Throughout our country, we are not living this principle and racism continues to tear our communities apart. In order to heal, we must acknowledge the racial inequities that still exist in our systems and take active steps together.

At St. Patrick Center, we will continue to do the following:

Cultivate a community where all stakeholders receive equitable treatment and resources

Foster a system that provides opportunities for everyone to succeed and advance

Promote legislation that gives communities of color a voice and influence

In solidarity with African Americans and communities of color, we ask everyone to join us in these conscientious endeavors to create a more just and equitable nation.

Published June 17, 2020