Program Operations

One of the core areas of St. Patrick Center’s Housing First organizational structure is Program Operations. What does this new team do?

“Program Operations provides grant management and ensures compliance with funder requirements to empower and support staff to deliver the highest quality services to our clients,” said Sylvia Garrett, senior director of Program Operations. “We’re the connectors between agency programs and the funders that finance them.”

The Program Operations Team is responsible for program compliance; program and financial budgeting; and the overall organization and execution of the grant application process.

“Our new team has developed working relationships with staff to ensure collaborative grant applications, rollouts, rosters and audit procedures,” Garrett said. “In addition, we’re seeking funders that fit with St. Patrick Center’s mission, Housing First model and programs.”

St. Patrick Center’s Program Operations team consists of a grants manager and coordinator, a compliance coordinator and specialist, as well as a housing specialist, all led by Garrett. The Programs Operations team is out in the community, too, as the housing specialist makes sure the housing landlords provide to our clients is  also in compliance with  the grants.

How could you assist our Program Operations team? Let us know about new funding opportunities that we may consider. To get involved, visit or call 314.802.0700.