Permanent Supportive Housing

Jonathan Belcher

Jonathan Belcher, Senior Director of Permanent Supportive Housing

One of the core areas of St. Patrick Center’s Housing First organizational structure is Permanent Supportive Housing. What does that mean?

“Permanent Supportive Housing is an intervention that combines non-time-limited affordable housing assistance with wrap-around support services,” said Jonathan Belcher, senior director Permanent Supportive Housing. About 19% of our clients fall into this category and require longer-term, more intensive case management and support.

“The primary goals of Permanent Supportive Housing are to move people who are chronically homeless into housing, help them maintain that housing and assist them with building their own support systems in the community,” Belcher added.

St. Patrick Center’s Permanent Supportive Housing team consists of 12 programs: Assertive Community Treatment; City Seeds Therapeutic Horticulture Program; Project HERO; Project Protect; Rosati Apartments; Rosati Comprehensive Community Treatment; Rosati Group Home; Shamrock Club; Shelter Plus Care; SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery (SOAR); St. Louis Stamping Lofts; and Women’s Night Program.

Is Permanent Supportive Housing successful? “Yes it is, for our clients who are most vulnerable,” said Belcher. “They’ve been homeless for years and it takes time to rebuild what was lost. Through Permanent Supportive Housing, we’re reducing barriers, moving them into housing and providing wrap-around services for their journey of recovery.”

How could you assist our Permanent Supportive Housing team? We need move-in kits, mentors and people who can help veterans reintegrate into society. To get involved, visit or call 314-802-0700.