November Good News Bulletin

We have good news to share!

-One of our landlord partners called to lower a client’s rent by $50 per month because she is taking really good care of her apartment and property.

-Thanks to Sam’s Club in Maplewood for choosing St. Patrick Center to receive a $2,500 grant and $25 gift card as part of the Walmart Community Grants program.

-While working at her new job, a Project LIVE client encountered a police off􏰀icer she knew while living on the streets and told him how she has improved her life since then.

-Thanks to Jack Hyden for sharing his carpentry and woodworking talents to make our new chapel a beautiful, spiritual space.

-The Welcome Center team collaborated with the Program Operations team to f􏰀ind care for a client’s kitten, while the client worked on her housing plan. Thanks to “foster mom” LaVahn Tate.

-Thanks to our recent Shamrock Club and Women’s Night Program volunteer cooks and meal servers: GAL’s Bible Study, Polsinelli, ROI Search Partners and SSM Health.

-Congratulations to Brigette Selbert and Jessica Carter, named Permanent Supportive Housing
employees of the month.

-Thanks to Brianna Martin for always stepping up on the Staff AV Squad.

Thanks to Jonathan Belcher, Jess Cox, Frederick Evans, Mary Lytle, Audrey Manners, Jenny Slosar and LaVahn Tate for sharing the good news!