New Strategic Plan

As seen in the November  2018 issue of our Chronicles newsletter. 

St. Patrick Center’s new three-year Strategic Plan is underway and establishes goals and action items for the agency through June 30, 2021.

“The overall strategy is to increase client service and agency efficiency,” said CEO Laurie Phillips. “Longer term, we aspire to end chronic homelessness in the St. Louis region.”

There are four Focus Areas. All have three to four Key Initiatives under them.

1/ Program Delivery and Innovation. Key Initiatives include expanding employment programs and the Hospital to Housing pilot program.

2/ Advocacy. Key Initiatives include educating policy makers at the local, state and national levels, and expanding landlord engagement activities.

3/ Revenue Growth and Diversification. Key Initiatives include increasing unrestricted contributions through major gifts and monthly giving, and securing new grant opportunities.

4/ Organization Effectiveness. Key Initiatives include improving mission engagement with staff, clients, volunteers and interns, and decreasing staff turnover rates.

The Board of Directors approved the new plan in September and executive officers spent a day planning specific action items with a team of more than two dozen managers. “St. Patrick Center has a solid reputation backed by tremendous community support. We have several opportunities to influence and lead the effort to end homelessness for individuals and families. This plan will direct the way for us to work smarter and better, and help more people,” Phillips added.