Never Before in Our Lifetime

Serving People through a Pandemic

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Unprecedented, social distancing, new normal… words we’ve added to our daily vocabularies to describe this time period we’re living in that will be talked about and studied for years to come.
A pandemic comes around and we’re told to stay home. Well, not if you’re considered “essential services” like St. Patrick Center, and not if you don’t have a home, like many of our clients.

This is where we find ourselves now – WE ARE OPEN, providing programs and services, and
do not plan to close. We made important changes to our operations to maintain a safe, clean environment for clients and staff. We’re using staff as volunteers because we can’t involve regular volunteers at this time. Some staff are working from home as their job duties allow. ”The impact of this pandemic is even greater on people experiencing homelessness, with access to adequate housing, healthcare and other essential services dwindling in an overwhelmed system,” said CEO Anthony D’Agostino. “Fortunately, we have a strong team and a generous community, and that support system is creating certainty and normalcy for people who need it most.”

St. Patrick Center staff and clients thank you for all that you are doing for us during these difficult times. Until we meet again, may God bless you and your families with health, safety and peace.

Programs and Services During a Pandemic

Through this pandemic that has drastically changed our lives, the advice we give our clients – one day at a time – has become common practice for us all.

St. Patrick Center is prepared. We’re open and providing essential services to people who are homeless or at risk. This extends beyond our main building on Tucker to Rosati Place, Freedom Place and St. Louis Stamping Lofts, where we have clients living plus onsite staff, as well as veteran support in nine counties.

We made important changes to our operations to keep a safe, clean environment for clients and staff. We changed how we provide meals, using social distancing in our Shamrock Club and distributing new sack lunches daily outside our client entrance.

We created program-specific emergency operations plans. We’re limiting clients in our Shamrock Club to 45 per day. Clients who are housed are staying home. Case managers are checking in with them by phone.

“I’m in awe of how quickly the staff enacted the CDC recommendations for the safety of our clients and each other,” said CEO Anthony D’Agostino. “We are still serving hundreds of clients each day.”

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Published May 6, 2020