Message from the Interim CEO

Mary Kitley Chief Development Officer

I was hired four years ago to lead St. Patrick Center’s fundraising and volunteer efforts. I’m presently balancing those duties while serving as Interim CEO.

A CEO search is underway by our board and a local firm. Please pray for all who are working diligently to find our next leader. We’ve been blessed with amazing leaders for 36 years. We’re grateful for the contributions of our most recent CEO, Laurie Phillips.

We begin our year-end campaign with a question: where would St. Louis be without St. Patrick Center? The community needs us, thousands of people facing homelessness need us and we need you.

When deciding where to donate, you want your gift to make the most difference. St. Patrick Center does a phenomenal job of helping people change their lives. We’re very proud of the Annual Report numbers on because they equal people and lives changed because of the dedicated work of the St. Patrick Center team.

When we end homelessness for one individual or family, another in need is on the way. This winter, hundreds of people will come to us for help. Please make a meaningful donation to us this holiday season so we can continue to serve St. Louis and change lives for the better.

As seen in the November 2019 issue of St. Patrick Center Chronicles.