Message from the CEO

I don’t like wearing a mask. Nevertheless, I wear one every day I leave the house.

But why do we wear masks? Because our local government or health department mandated them?

While a mandate may be part of the reason we wear (or refuse to wear) a mask, a more fundamental reason exists: masks help protect others, especially people in our community who are most vulnerable.

This is why we’ve been wearing masks at St. Patrick Center since the early days of the pandemic. Obviously, guidance from the city health department and other experts influenced our decision. However, our fundamental reasoning is simple and mission-centric: masks help protect others. Research shows that wearing a mask helps people around you more than it helps you. That sentiment is at the heart of our work, not just at St. Patrick Center but for everyone, everywhere.

We are all called to sacrifice for people in need. Wearing a mask is just one of the many ways we can sacrifice for others each day. At St. Patrick Center, our dedicated staff has helped more than 1,000 of our neighbors in need during the pandemic – transforming their lives and solving homelessness in our community. As a supporter of St. Patrick Center, we thank you for your participation in our mission and the sacrifices you make for others.

As seen in our November 2020 Chronicles.

Published November 12, 2020