Message from the CEO

CEO Anthony D'Agostino PREFERRED 8-20

We continue to experience historic events this year. As a global pandemic is killing populations disproportionately and racial uprisings are highlighting inequities embedded in daily life, we must keep human dignity as our foundation.

These chaotic, life-altering events have spurred tremendous need throughout the St. Louis community. St. Patrick Center is on the front lines, leading with compassion and innovation. We answered the need for housing and established an off-site, emergency shelter for 51 men and women experiencing homelessness and chronic illness.

We expanded our housing assistance program for veterans and Hospital to Housing program for people exiting local emergency rooms. When two staff members tested positive within 24 hours, we prioritized the safety of our clients and staff by suspending in-person contact while finding innovative, virtual ways to stay open and continue services (the two staff members who tested positive for COVID-19 have fully recovered).

We will continue to experience the ripple effects of these historic events and, as a result, encounter an increase of people needing our assistance. We will focus on the immediate demands, while planning strategically for long-term results.

St. Patrick Center has kept human dignity as our foundation since 1983. We know that every person has inherent, immeasurable value that cannot be diminished. Our programs and services are based on this fact, and therefore, transform lives. Thank you for playing a role in our mission.

As seen in the August 2020 Chronicles

Published August 4, 2020