Message from the CEO

CEO Anthony D'Agostino PREFERRED 8-20

When I started at St. Patrick Center in January, few could have imagined the impact of COVID-19 on our everyday lives. Just a few months later, most of us are confined to our homes and isolated from extended family, friends and community. While the pandemic continues to impact everyone, it is not impacting us equally. Many of us are healthy, our jobs are secure and our basic needs are met.

This is not the case for a growing number of our neighbors throughout the region. Dozens have contracted the virus while thousands have been hospitalized. Many have lost their jobs and can’t afford everyday essentials like food and rent.

Unfortunately, the people hardest hit by this virus were already marginalized in our community, especially our vulnerable neighbors who struggle with chronic illness, poverty and homelessness. This pandemic is exponentially increasing the number of vulnerable people needing essential services, highlighting the extreme disparities that already existed.

Fortunately, St. Patrick Center specializes in addressing these disparities by serving the most vulnerable in our region. Our dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters are helping to meet the growing needs of people experiencing homelessness and poverty during this crisis.

With your help, we will lessen the impact of COVID-19 on our most vulnerable neighbors and strengthen our community. Thank you for your support during these unprecedented times.

Anthony D’Agostino

As seen in the May 2020 Chronicles

Published May 6, 2020