May Good News Bulletin

Good news during a pandemic

–Many thanks to the Visitation Academy community for raising $20,000+ for St. Patrick Center
during the recent #VizVirtualDayofService. Congrats to the Class of 2020, including our founder’s granddaughter, Victoria Cunnane.

–Our Mobile Outreach team moved a client into senior housing within ten days of referral from the Welcome Center.

–From Workforce Development: client Dana got a job; client Giovani is studying for his High School Online degree; client Pam was contacted about a job after participating in a mock interview; and client William passed his driver’s test.

–From a client after moving into housing and starting a new job: “This Rapid Rehousing stuff works. You got me on my feet and saved my life!”

–COLLABORATION: During the pandemic, Women’s Night Program clients and staff moved to Little Sisters of the Poor in an impactful partnership with Little Sisters of the Poor (Sisters’ Mission); the City of St. Louis and the St. Louis City Continuum of Care.

–A former senior director donated $100 to help us during the pandemic.

–We have more pandemic-related donations than there is space in this bulletin. To these recent donors—American Cricket Academy and Club of St. Louis; Chris’ Pancakes & Dining; Clementine’s Creamery; David Schenberg/Shenny’s not so Simple Syrup; Lanter Distributing; McDonald’s; and NamaStay at Home—we are very grateful for your gifts!

Thank you team for transforming challenging times into good news!