The Good Lord Woke Him Up to His Possibilities

“St. Patrick Center is a city of hope. Come in and they’ll see you for who you are. If you put in the work, they’ll put you in a position to spread your wings.”

Marvin spent his childhood Memphis and moved with his mom to her hometown of St. Louis when he was a teenager. “I had a nice life in a middle class neighborhood with mixed races but my mom was all I had, and when she had a stroke and later died, my life just went downhill.”

Marvin dropped out of high school and got a job. He stayed with various family members but hung out with the wrong crowd. “I had a fabulous, functional life. I traveled the world… but ended up a cocaine addict.” He eventually got busted for his drug use and went to jail.

A few years later, Marvin was released, housed and working. “I put my desires over my needs, though, and went back into addiction.” Soon came homelessness. “Pride kept me on the streets until I got seriously ill and needed help.” Enter St. Patrick Center’s Hospital to Housing partnership program with Saint Louis University Hospital and Marvin’s life began to change. “God woke me up to receive what He wanted to give me, and that was St. Patrick Center people, programs
and services.”

Case managers placed Marvin into his own room at a temporary emergency shelter while they worked on permanent housing options. He’s taking classes with our Shamrock Club and Workforce Development teams, and recently moved into his own place with the help of our Short-term Transition team. “I’m ready. I’m making new friends, learning new things and now I get to buy my own groceries and pay my own bills.”

Published February 24, 2021