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The CDC has advised that people stay home during this pandemic, but hundreds of our clients don’t have a place to call home.

As we work to get them permanent places to live, we’re also hard at work meeting their other needs. We need donations now to meet the increased, urgent needs of our clients. You can easily give online here.

In addition to monetary gifts, we continue to need food donations. We are blessed to have hundreds of casserole bakers—please keep up the good work! We also need donations to our food pantry. Please see below and here for our new “grocery store wish list:”

— Lunchables or other packaged lunches
— Individually packaged bags of chips, pretzels, popcorn
— Granola bars
— Bottled water
— Pre-packaged fruit and veggies (apple slices, carrots, grapes)
— Loaves of bread
— Sliced cheese
— Lunchmeat
— Peanut butter and jelly
— Fold-top sandwich bags
— Zip-top bags or brown lunch bags

Please deliver food donations to our Donation Center (behind St. Patrick Center at 800 N. Tucker Blvd. in downtown St. Louis) Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Thanks for taking the time to read this message. I’m grateful for so many passionate donors, volunteers, board members and other supporters. We will get through this together!


Mary Kitley
Chief Administrative Officer

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All onsite volunteer assignments are cancelled. Read more.

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