Living Out Our Core Values

The St. Patrick Center team lives by four core values – trust, ownership, collaboration and innovation – or T-O-C-I, for short.

We are trusted professionals. We own the work we do and serve collectively to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. We think strategically, looking at what we do with new eyes to make an impact on our clients and the community.

Here are a few examples of how we T-O-C-I in our daily work at the agency:

Trust: The 40 in 40 Housing Challenge required the entire team to trust and lean on one another in order to be successful. Together, we achieved 76 housing placements in 40 days!

Ownership: The Shamrock Club team took ownership of an emergency situation when a client overdosed on opioids. They administered Narcan and called 9-1-1. The client was quickly revived and his life was saved.

Collaboration: When the City closed New Life Evangelistic Center in early April, staffers at other organizations in the St. Louis City Continuum of Care joined our Biddle Housing Opportunities Center team to complete 100+ discovery sessions on a Saturday and Sunday.

Innovation: ACT Mental Health Specialist David Barton showed tremendous initiative in creating a new, color-coded spreadsheet that successfully tracks assessment data and makes things run more smoothly.