Housing First Works for Mario

Housing First is the solution to ending chronic homelessness, and St. Patrick Center is a Housing First model. This evidence-based practice tells us to remove barriers, do intake and assessment early, move people into housing and offer them support to achieve their goals.

Housing First consists of Coordinated Entry, Rapid Rehousing, Permanent Supportive Housing and
Support Services. Here is an example of how it all came together for Mario:

Mario suffered a traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident. He had to learn to walk and talk again. He and his children ended up homeless with no income. They slept in cars and on the streets; they took showers at truck stops. Mario came to St. Patrick Center for a discovery session with a specialist.

When our Rapid Rehousing team discovered that Mario needed longer-term, more intensive case management and support. they moved him to our Permanent, Supportive Housing team, where he secured appropriate housing for himself and his children. Case managers also provided wrap-around support services to help Mario and his kids get back on their feet.

In our first year as a Housing First agency, we are also proud to report the following outcomes:

Rapid Rehousing

We placed 155 clients and their families into housing.

– 59 clients were defined as chronically homeless.

The Rapid Rehousing team works to find housing within 30 days for individuals and families “as they are,” with no contingencies other than their need, and provide targeted support services to help them get stabilized. 

Permanent Supportive Housing

We placed 57 people who were chronically homeless into housing, surpassing a goal of 41.

– 34 clients had no income; 20 have secured incomes since they moved into housing.

– 49 clients have remained in housing.

The Permanent Supportive Housing team works to find non-time-limited affordable housing assistance for
people who are chronically homeless, with wrap-around support services to help them build their own support systems in the community.