Hospital to Housing

What is Hospital to Housing?

Hospital to Housing is a community partnership pilot program with two primary purposes: (1) partner homeless service providers with hospitals to identify frequent emergency department users who are homeless; and (2) provide these patients with housing and support services through St. Patrick Center programming.

Read the Hospital to Housing Impact Report here.

What are the goals of Hospital to Housing?

The Hospital to Housing program seeks to accomplish these goals:

— Provide a permanent, sustained housing solution for clients/patients who are homeless
— Connect clients/patients with needed services to maintain their permanent housing
— Provide clients/patients with support for their medical and behavioral health needs outside of the        emergency department when possible
— Improve the overall health outcomes of these patients/clients
— More effective use of community resources for improved care

Why do these patients need housing and support services?

Housing is a social determinant of health. Housing and support services will lead patients/clients to better health outcomes—physical and behavioral—and cost the local system less than if they remained living on the street or in a shelter.


The cost of homelessness is high and its impact is far-reaching. Studies have shown that one person who is chronically homeless, moving from hospitals and emergency rooms to jails and courts, can accumulate one million dollars in expenses annually. Counter that with statistics that show it costs about $10,000 per year to permanently house a person who was chronically homeless, and the $10,000 includes needed support services and case management, too.

St. Patrick Center in August 2018 approached partners Barnes Jewish Hospital, BJC Healthcare, Foundation for Barnes Jewish Hospital and Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis with an opportunity to create the Hospital to Housing pilot program for this population. St. Patrick Center had previously partnered with BJC Behavioral Health on two permanent supportive housing programs, as well as programs with Behavioral Health Network. The group studied several models, including a pilot program at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

We thank all of our partners for making this pilot program possible. We continue to seek additional partners, such as funders, affordable housing landlords and other healthcare organizations.

Updated September 30, 2020