“I find at St. Patrick Center, the more I stick with the program, the more beautiful things happen to me.”

Harry had it tough when his father kicked him out—he had nowhere to go and fell in with the wrong crowd. He found himself living on the streets with no home, a growing drinking problem and sleeping wherever he could. “I slept in the rain, snow, abandoned buildings and car washes.”

At one point, Harry got a job and his employer let him sleep in the basement, but the business closed and he was homeless again. “I was like a yo-yo—up and down, up and down—and I just got tired of it.”

After 17 years of living on the streets, Harry came to St. Patrick Center and our Shamrock Club day
treatment program. He had heard other clients talking about our programs and decided it was time to turn things around. Our Workforce Development team helped Harry find a part-time landscaping job and he also helps clean up the Dutchtown neighborhood. “At the end of the day, it’s gratifying to see the positive results of my hard work.”

Most importantly, Harry has an apartment where he can sleep in his own bed. “My life is beautiful now.” His future goals include getting a full-time job and a bike.