He Went From Darkness to Light

Everheart CROP2 6-19

“Thanks to St. Patrick Center, my future is life… living life to the fullest, the right way!”

At 18, Everheart was ready to be on his own, but that unfortunately turned into being homeless. He spent a couple of years trying to get his life on track—reconnecting with his father and going to
college—but it wasn’t working. Everheart was interacting with the wrong people and getting on the wrong side of the law. He ended up in prison.

Upon release, Everheart decided to try St. Patrick Center. He fully admits he was a piece of work. “I didn’t want to abide by any rules!” He credits the Shamrock Club for helping him. “They didn’t have to put up with me but they did.” During his time with our day treatment program, a fellow client
encouraged Everheart to get it together and inspired him to follow the program.

Everheart later joined our Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program, where he was able to get on the correct medicine and connect with people who could help him. “Before that, I didn’t have anyone on my side and it was like being in darkness. With ACT, I was able to work with a doctor who listened to me and made me feel like I could do things.”

Everheart now practices meditation, does yoga and writes poetry. Living on his own with hopes of participating in our Job Readiness Training, he wants to get a job cleaning the streets of St. Louis. “My life is stupendous! It’s better with the right people who motivate you. I know who I want to be around.”