Donor Spotlight

Mike and Phyllis Heck

Mike Heck and his wife Phyllis have been blessed with an abundant life. When the pandemic hit, the Hecks were discussing with friends the realization that their spending was down and their bank accounts were up.

As they were thinking about their good fortune, a parable from the Gospel of Luke came to mind, the one with the greedy farmer who had such an abundance of grain that he had to build bigger silos. He gloated about how he would be set for years. “But that night he was called to the pearly gates,” Heck said. “I don’t think he was asked about how big his silos were. I think he asked about what he did for his fellow man.”

With that story in mind, the Hecks thought, “Are we being as generous as we could be today?” They were inspired to give their surplus to St. Patrick Center this year. By giving more to St. Patrick Center in their annual gift they are helping more clients be home for the holidays. In addition to a generous financial donation they also dropped off household supplies and food.

This sense of giving was instilled in Mike through his parents, where holidays were a time for giving “Every Thanksgiving Day my dad would come in and literally get us out of bed to go pack food baskets and deliver them.”

To Mike, “Home for the Holidays” means two things: the blessings that we have a family and a home and two, an awareness of those who don’t have family or a home. “I’m so grateful that I had the experiences and opportunities and I hope it inspires someone else to give.”

As seen in the November 2020 Chronicles.

Published November 12, 2020