Blessed to be Stronger Than Ever

“There was somebody out there that loved me enough to take the time for me. I felt like I had another opportunity at life.”

This isn’t Darryl’s first attempt at getting his life together, but with help from St. Patrick Center, his life appears to be stable. He knows all too well that it can change in a heartbeat. “I was addicted to drugs and lost my marriage and everything. I became homeless.”

He broke down in grateful tears when he recalled the day his caseworker gave him keys to his apartment.  With continued support here he felt strong enough to be able to move to Texas, where his daughter lives, but fell back into his old addictions and battles. “It’s been a journey like that all my life, fighting and struggling with it. But I’ve been off of drugs now for about three years.”

He’s back in St. Louis, and while Darryl still longs to be part of his daughter’s life he knows leaving the safety net of St. Patrick Center is delicate. “You trick yourself into thinking that you can do things but you don’t know how strong you are until you’re in the midst of it. I need the stability here to keep me strong.”

He credits his faith and donor support for helping him maintain his steadiness. “I really appreciate the donors caring enough to share their finances with St. Patrick Center. I’ve seen the successes — in me — so I know they really help people.”

Darryl, like many of our clients, knows just receiving help isn’t a recipe for success. “The help can be there, but what are you going to do with it? Are you really ready to change your life?” Darryl takes advantage of our Workforce Development program to learn new job and employment readiness skills. “Being back stable again gives you a sense of pride, a sense of being a man and being able to face reality again.”

Published May 19, 2021