Coordinated Entry

As seen in the August 2018 edition of our Chronicles newsletter.


Gene Schmitt

Gene Schmitt, Senior Director of Coordinated Entry

One of the core areas of St. Patrick Center’s Housing First organizational structure is Coordinated Entry. What does that mean?

“Coordinated Entry is a multi-agency effort under Housing First and St. Patrick Center is the lead agency,” said Gene Schmitt, senior director of Coordinated Entry. “We’re a centralized location where people can go for intakes, assessments, meals, shelter and housing coordination.”

“The primary goal of Coordinated Entry is to determine the needs of individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness,” Schmitt said. “An estimated 13% of folks who walk through our doors need minimal assistance to get stabilized in housing and we can provide them with the necessary prevention services.”

The remaining 87% have medium-to-high needs and qualify for permanent housing placement. “For these folks, we conduct a comprehensive assessment,” Schmitt said. “Based on their scores, they’re placed on a housing prioritization list, where agencies in the St. Louis City Continuum of Care, including St. Patrick Center, select them for case management, housing navigation and housing placement.”

St. Patrick Center’s Coordinated Entry team consists of three programs: Client Welcome Center, Mobile Outreach and Neighborhood Support. Is it successful? Yes. “We completed 3,430 intakes and assessments last year,” Schmitt added. “Of these folks, 64% were referred to St. Patrick Center and 36% were referred to other agencies. Of the ones referred to us, we provided rental assistance and case management to nearly 2,200 and achieved 600 new housing placements. We also prevented homelessness for another 100.”

How could you assist our Coordinated Entry team? We need funding for transportation assistancegrocery gift cards and small microwaves. We also need volunteer mentors to assist clients with opening bank accounts. To get involved, visit or call 314.802.0700.