Christmas Wishes: Three Generations

Meri-Lyn, Charlee and Stevie Bisch continue the Christmas Wishes tradition.


For two decades, Mary Ann Bisch has donated her time and talents to St. Patrick Center. Known as “the servant lady” in the family, she has come to St. Patrick Center to work in the office, make casseroles and participate in our Christmas Wishes Family Sponsorship Program.

For her family, Mary Ann is a role model and her giving spirit is infectious. Her daughter-in-law, Meri Lyn, is on her third year of being a Christmas Wishes volunteer. “My mother-in-law loves to give her time. It’s effortless. She doesn’t think, she just does,” said Meri-Lyn.

This year, Mary Ann’s granddaughters, Charlee and Stevie, are getting in on the fun. For them, their grandmother is a humble role model and their participation in Christmas Wishes is inspirational. “It’s so exciting to see how much people have given to people they don’t know,” said Stevie. “Each gift I prepare, I say a prayer for the recipient.”

For the Bisch family, Christmas Wishes is an event where they can give back at the holidays and a gift, because it reminds them of all the blessings they have. St. Patrick Center comforts them as well. “It’s nice to know there is an organization caring for people and taking the time to provide for them,” said Charlee.

Published December 15, 2020