Cardboard Village at Ursuline Academy

In October, Ursuline Academy hosted its 9th annual Cardboard Village. The simulation event not only brought awareness to the plight of the homeless but also raised $500 to support St. Patrick Center.

Cardboard Village at Ursuline Academy 10-13-17 024

Sixteen students and four co-workers spent the night on their school campus in cardboard boxes hoping to experience some degree of what it might be like for someone who is homeless. The group took part in a presentation and discussion about the help we provide at St. Patrick Center and wrote letters to government leaders advocating for our clients.


Cardboard Village at Ursuline Academy 10-13-17 031Nicole Weston of Ursuline Academy says, “The experience was one of solidarity and reflection.” Additionally, participants were given fictitious biographies of someone without a home and they were asked to “walk” in their shoes for the experience. “It gave them an opportunity to think about the injustices in our society as well as challenged the stereotypes that are associated with homelessness.


We’re both humbled and incredibly grateful for the support the girls at Ursuline Academy provided
St. Patrick Center and our clients.