Ask the Staff

We asked our staff what motivates them to come to work each day…

Estella Wright - Compliance Specialist
“I am motivated each day by the dedication of our staff to our clients. Each time I hear of one client going from homelessness to achieving housing and financial stability, and using what he/she learned to give back to the community, I am humbled by the resiliency.”
-Estella Wright, Compliance Specialist

Katie Joseph--Development
“The clients, the mission, the employees and the volunteers – these all motivate me to come to work every day.”
-Katie Joseph, Senior Development Manager

Maria Blaha - Housing Specialist
“I get satisfaction that the work I do helps St. Patrick Center get the funding we need to help our clients with their housing needs. Plus, I respect and enjoy the people I work with.”
-Maria Blaha, Rosati Operations Manager

Mary Drummond -Semi-independent Case Manager
“My clients. Not only do they motivate me to come in daily but they are the reason I have joy, laughter and a smile daily. Their growth and joy inspires me.”
-Mary Drummond, Semi Independent Case Manager

As seen in the November 2019 issue of St. Patrick Center Chronicles.