Arthur Cooper PREFERRED2 7-20

“I could not ask for any better from St. Patrick Center. They opened doors for me. I’m so grateful and humbled.”

Arthur grew up in St. Louis and chose military service at age 17 because high school was not for him. “I served 15 years in the Army—including three with Operation Desert Storm—and was
honorably discharged as Staff Sergeant.”

Arthur says his substance abuse began in the military in Europe, but worsened after his mother passed away. “That’s when I really turned to drugs.” His father died three years later and his sister eventually sold their parents’ home. “That pushed me out into the streets and more drug use.”

Homeless, Arthur preferred to spend the night inside his old car or on top of a heating vent, but
admits he didn’t sleep much. “I walked around because moving felt safer. I cried many nights. It was a big experience for me.”

A friend told Arthur about St. Patrick Center and how we help with housing. The recovery center Arthur completed referred him to our veteran programs and he stayed in a motel while case managers looked for housing for him. “They found a place I really liked, in a neighborhood I was familiar with, and helped me set it up with furniture and necessities.”

Today, Arthur is clean and sober and spends a lot of time at home during the pandemic. He meets with doctors and recovery counselors regularly. “I’m relaxed, peaceful and thankful.” Arthur is in touch with his daughter out of state and hopes to travel in the future.

Published July 17, 2020