April Good News Bulletin

Good news during a pandemic

— From a donor: “St. Patrick Center is vital to the St. Louis region. Bless you all for doing God’s work during this difficult time.”

— TRUST: Two dozen staffers from around the agency made 100 donor phone calls each to check on our supporters and let them know we are open.

— Thank you to the staff members who are going above and beyond their
regular duties to fill important program shifts, including overnights.

— OWNERSHIP: The Facilities team traveled to several area stores to gather
necessary cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment for us.

— From a Women’s Night Program graduate: “I’m safe and healthy in my new home and so grateful for the help of St. Patrick Center.”

— COLLABORATION: Program staff across the agency banded together to
develop program-specific Covid-19 emergency operations plans.

— Thanks to Kimchi Guys, Sysco, casserole teams and many other donors who are collecting and donating needed food for meals and our food pantry.

— INNOVATION: Unable to host a daily lunch cafeteria of 200, staff are going outside the box to gather, assemble and distribute new sack lunches.

Thank you for transforming challenging times into good news!