Our Facilities

St. Patrick Center Executive Director Leo Paradis in the 1990s achieved the goal to create a one-stop caring center for homeless services. The key to this success was the formation of a network of agencies that expressed the same vision. Leo recognized that this shared concept could be a national model for the care and treatment of people who are homeless and at risk, and turned dream into reality.

“St. Patrick Center was our response to a vision of a place where all essential homeless services could be accessed under one roof,” said Leo. “Thanks to dedicated staff and huge community support, St. Patrick Center has become a standard of excellence committed to eradicating homelessness as we know it.”

In 2000, thanks to a generous capital gift from the Sverdrup Corporation, St. Patrick Center and five other service providers moved into the 100,000 square foot building at 800 North Tucker Boulevard in downtown St. Louis. From emergency to stabilization, housing, employment and health programs and services came together in one place.

Take a Tour

You can learn more about the mission, work and impact of St. Patrick Center by taking a tour of our agency in downtown St. Louis. Tours for donors, volunteers, students and other groups are scheduled by appointment. Please give at least two weeks’ notice to accommodate staff schedules. For more information, contact Kelly Peach at 314-802-0687 or kpeach@stpatrickcenter.org.

Catholic Charities Conference Center

On our 5th floor is the Catholic Charities Conference Center, named for Catholic Charities of St. Louis for their generous donation to make this space possible. We hold a variety of events in this multi-room conference center and offer these facilities to other community partners. The Catholic Charities Conference Center consists of a reception room, two break-out rooms for board meetings and smaller group discussions, and our main auditorium that seats about 200 people. To take a tour of the Catholic Charities Conference Center, or to learn more, contact Kelly Peach at 314-802-0687 or kpeach@stpatrickcenter.org.

Learn about our BEGIN shared use kitchen