35 Years of Casseroles

In 35 years, St. Patrick Center has served 5.55 million hot meals to people in need, with little or no cost to the agency. How is this possible? The Casserole Program, going strong since 1984.

This is an incredible community collaboration—a real “fishes and loaves” story—as it takes more than 100 volunteer groups to donate casseroles each month.

Ever wonder how it works? St. Patrick Center founder Edith Cunnane and early supporters recruited monthly volunteer teams. The agency provided various recipes and aluminum pans, and assigned days of the month. Casserole teams bought groceries, prepared, baked and froze the casseroles. Volunteer drivers delivered them on their assigned days of the month.

Today, the effort is seamless. Casserole—and salad and bread—teams consist of Catholic parishes, church ministries, individuals, companies and schools (2,500 volunteers). St. Patrick Center continues to serve hot midday meals every day of the week.

Instead of asking St. Louisans where they went to high school, bring up the Casserole Program. Everyone knows someone who has or is baking casseroles for St. Patrick Center! Thank you to the many, many people who have provided for this vital community need for 35 years.

Watch our Casserole Program story with Tim Ezell on “The Thread STL” on Fox 2
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As seen in the November 2019 issue of St. Patrick Center Chronicles.