What Keeps Us Going?

Mary Kitley's Headshot

Mary Kitley, Chief Development Officer

St. Patrick Center is celebrating 35 years because people in our community have been motivated to keep giving and volunteering. Together, we find strength in good news stories and understand there are many who still need us. Like this man:

In December, a man who was homeless came to us on probation and in danger of going to jail. Fortunately, a judge took special interest in him and gave him multiple chances to improve. His final chance was participating in our Assertive Community Treatment program.

He joined the program and over time, built rapport with us, attended appointments and took his medication. Things improved until his mother passed away, which caused him to disengage. We were unable to locate him for days.

St. Patrick Center staff and local police worked together to find him and he came back. He saw our psychiatrist, began processing his mother’s death and reengaged with the team. He went to court and proudly gave a positive report of his progress.

Please keep this gentleman in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to take ownership of his recovery and build a better life for himself.

Mary Kitley
Chief Development Officer