March Good News Bulletin

We have good news to share!

The Welcome Center team assisted a Kansas City veteran with a train ticket back to KC, where he was listed as a missing person.

The VA contacted our Supportive Services for Veteran Families program to show them how we provide stable housing for vulnerable veterans.

Congrats to former practicum student Jennifer Jordan for her election to the St. Louis County Continuum of Care Executive Board as a voting member representing people with lived experience.

Thanks to Crystal Cox who went out of her way on the Thanksgiving Day holiday to help a teenager, and mother and child, who found themselves homeless.

St. Patrick Center was selected as one of ten local charities to receive a donation of more than 2,500 pair of Bombast socks.

Our Women’s Night Program partnership with Perennial last year converted 13 pounds of waste into beautiful works of art, including jewelry.

Congrats to Christian Neil with the Women’s Night Program, who achieved a Masters Degree from Webster University.

We’re grateful to Civil Life Brewing Company and Laughing Bear Bakery for donating 50 pies for our clients to enjoy.

Thanks to Katie Joseph, Mary Lytle, Ann Rotermund, Andria Silver and Lana Watson for sharing the good news.