Housing First

St. Patrick Center is working collaboratively to transform homeless services and end chronic homelessness in the St. Louis region. Collaborations are with service providers, faith-based organizations, the business community and all levels of government.

There is one solution to ending chronic homelessness: housing. How will we do it? Housing First, a homeless assistance approach that prioritizes providing people experiencing homelessness with permanent housing as quickly as possible, and then providing supportive services as needed.

Housing First removes barriers to housing, like requiring sobriety or employment before someone is ‘ready’ to move in. Clients are prioritized by assessing their needs, which allows us to serve the most needy first, with the correct level of support services before, during and after they are housed.

Opened in August 2016 by St. Patrick Center and partner Peter & Paul Community Services, Biddle Housing Opportunities Center north of downtown St. Louis allows us to implement Housing First with coordinated intake and assessment, housing options and support services, as well as provide additional needed emergency shelter. Biddle is the most efficient way to create an environment where people who are homeless or at risk can most easily access housing and other support options.

At Biddle Housing Opportunities Center, St. Patrick Center oversees needs assessments, connections to resources, referrals, meals and housing placements for up to 125 men, women and children. Peter & Paul Community Services oversees onsite client support and program management, and directs the emergency overnight shelter for up to 98 men.

It Begins with a Discovery Session

People who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless may come for a private discovery session with an intake specialist at our Welcome Center at 800 North Tucker Blvd Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm, or at Biddle Housing Opportunities Center at 1313 North 12th Street seven days a week from 6:30am-7pm. No appointment is necessary.

Support Services

Housing First does not mean housing only. Programs and support services are critical to the Housing First methodology. St. Patrick Center has provided programs and support services to end and prevent homelessness since 1983. Agency wide, we directly assist nearly 7,200 clients and their families annually.

Veterans Day 5K (87)


St. Patrick Center offers employment programs aimed at getting people back on their feet through job readiness training, advanced skills and placement into full-time and part-time jobs.


St. Patrick Center offers health programs for people experiencing behavioral health issues, such as mental illness and substance abuse. Through partnerships, we also connect people to primary healthcare through Affinia Healthcare and meditation groups through Anthropedia Foundation.


St. Patrick Center offers several programs and support services for veterans who served our country then found themselves homeless or at risk.